Spray Foam Insulation Can Enhance Your Solar System

Spray foam insulation is becoming very popular nowadays. Spray Foam is prepared by combining Isocynate and polyol resin in right proportion.

Benefits of Combining Solar With  Spray Foam Insulation in San Diego:

  • Spray foam is extremely energy efficient because it fills all the cracks and space which keeps outer air outside and inner air inside. You can save lot of money on utility bills. 
  • It supports an extra layer of support to the outer walls and enhances the structural integrity.
  • Fibreglass loses its ability of insulation with time spray foam insulators have long shelf life.


Types of Spray Foam Insulation:

Spray foam insulation has two main delivery system: high pressure spray foam systems or low pressure system.


  • Two component closed –cell foam:  This type of insulation is much denser than open cell. It is very good air barrier as well as vapour barrier because of its compact cell structure. This type of insulation can be used anywhere in home but is mostly used in roofing projects and other outdoor applications. 
  • Two component open – cell foam: This is the type of insulation where the tiny cells are not completely closed. It uses fewer chemicals making it an expensive product. It has a sponge like appearance and provides only air barrier. This type of insulation is mostly used for interior walls because it does not provide any type of vapour barrier. Also, this insulation is very good sound barrier. 



Spray Foam Insulator kits available in Market:

There are various spray foam insulation contractors that work with existing walls. You can check you local Manta listing we have also provided more info below

1)Polyurethane Spray Foam Kits: These are low pressure polyurethane kits and are perfect for air sealing and insulation. These are available in different sizes according to the requirement and consist of 2- components. It comes with spray gun, hoses and foam and users manual to get started. It is closed cell spray foam used for insulating the existing walls.


2) Demilex APX: It is an open – cell spray foam that can be sprayed in attics and crawl spaces. It does not require additional fire protection products because it is compliant with the stringent test requirements of International Code Council.

3) Heatlok Soy -200 Plus: This product saves both time and money by combining multiple control layers into a single application. Thus, it helps in creating “the perfect wall system” which act as air barrier, water resistive barrier, vapour barrier and gives a high R-value insulation in a single application.

4) SEALECTION Agribalance: This is an open-cell spray foam insulation product which is used for Green-built structures that are ICC approved. It contains more than 20% refined vegetable oils which makes it an eco friendly product. It is applicable in farms, agricultural settings, floors and wall cavities.

5) Slow– Rise Spray Foam Kits: This is fire retardant and anti- microbial kit. It is used for filling cinder blocks, wall cavities and voids. It also resists mold growth thus provide a healthy environment.


These are some products that are very useful spray foam Insulators. Once you know your requirement then you can choose from a wide range of Spray Insulation products that are easily available in market.